how to make money from e-commerce website

Make an e Commerce Website and Earn 1000$ Daily in 2022 – How To Make Money From E-commerce Website – Simple Guide

Let’s learn what is e-commerce, the advantage and disadvantage of e-commerce, how to make money from e-commerce website in 2022

Make an e-Commerce Website and Earn 1000$ Daily in 2022

Do you also want to know what is e-commerce and what are its benefits? Do you also want to know about E-commerce and want to earn money?

Do not worry, today we will tell you What is e-commerce and how to make money through an e-commerce website.

You must have heard the name of big companies like Alibaba, myntra, Amazon and Flipkart. They are the perfect example of all E-commerce companies.

A lot changes with time. Change is the law of nature. Have you ever thought that with just one click you will be able to buy and sell goods?

However, now our way of shopping and doing business is changing rapidly.

Now you can buy goods from any corner of the world sitting at home and you don’t even need to step out of the house. All the goods will come to your doorstep and you will not have to do anything.

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with accurate and accurate information about e-commerce, so that you can understand e-commerce, how e-commerce makes money, how to start an e-commerce business.

To understand better about this, read this article till the end and express your views in the comment section.

So let’s know what is e-commerce and How to make money from e-commerce website.

What Is E-commerce – How To Make Money From E-commerce Website?

E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce  with the help of the internet you can transact money with anyone, share data and buy any product/service online.

Talking in simple language, online shopping is called e-commerce. Whatever you buy online, every item comes under the category of e-commerce.

Here we have both options either you can buy from your near store shop and digital products online or you can also take online services from any company and freelancer.

  • Physical products – which you touch and feel. Eg: clothes, shoes, smartphones etc.
  • Digital products – which can only be viewed or read online. Such as ebooks, online courses, videos, etc.
  • Services- teaching, consultant, freelancing, chat rooms etc.

With help of e-commerce, we can order anything from any side of the world sitting at home. We also call it online shopping.

Usually for taking something,

  • First, go to the market.
  • Then you will see the goods in some shops.
  • You will tell the shopkeeper what kind of goods you want.
  • He’ll take time to show up.
  • He will tell you the rate of his own free will.
  • You would argue for a cheap price.
  • In the last, he would say, “Don’t embarrass us by giving back”.
  • If you didn’t take anything, you will do it again at another shop.

But in online shopping, you can cancel all these steps.

  • You can see what you want in a single search.
  • You can get accurate results by using a filter.
  • You can spend as much time as you want.
  • You will buy at the same rate.
  • You will have many options for payment and an instalment facility will also be there.
  • You can also return after taking the wrong item.
  • It also saves a lot of time and effort.

Some well-known apps and websites of Ecommerce are-

E-commerce History

E-commerce came to India in 2002, due to which IRCTC (Indian Railways) came out with an online portal, with the help of which people could book tickets online, pay for it and get all the information related to it.

Seeing its success, in 2003 Air Deccan and Indian Airlines also added the facility of online booking so that people could book tickets without any hassle.

This reduced the burden on the employees and also saved the time of the customer. So this was the history of e-commerce, now we read the benefits of e-commerce.

Advantages of e-Commerce.

There are many advantages of e-commerce, the main advantage of which is that you do not have to go anywhere to get the goods.

Apart from that, the advantages of e-commerce are-

Easy return
Almost all e-commerce services have an easy return policy, if your product is defective or incorrect, you can return it within 10 to 15 days.

Global reach
Through this, you can order goods from any shop in the world which is connected to the internet. This is the best point of e-commerce point of interactions.

Relevant products
You can get the most relevant products by sorting products and applying filters. Also, the online store will show you the things of your choice by looking at your old purchases.

Flexible price
When you see expensive rates somewhere, you can look for goods elsewhere.

You don’t have to argue with the shopkeeper again and again. No one tells you the rate from his mind and you also get a bill for everything.

You also get a discount with some payment options and you can also apply a coupon code. And the biggest advantage of e-commerce, you can take goods in instalments.

Cash on delivery available
Although people nowadays pay by card, which is also very safe, some people like to give money only after seeing the goods in hand.

Home delivery
It is soothing for those who feel uncomfortable going to the mall or shop or do not want to step out.

Not only home delivery, but you can also order goods in your office.

Buy anytime
You will never be able to take goods from the market at 1 o’clock at the night, but with online shopping, you can get goods 24/7.

Disadvantages of e-Commerce.

Apart from the advantages of e-commerce, there are also disadvantages of e-commerce. But despite this, online shopping is the best.

Some disadvantages of e-commerce are-

no touch
A customer gets happiness and satisfaction only when he tests the product by touching and seeing it.

Regrettably, you cannot do this in online shopping. We can neither try it nor see the fitting.

Tech knowledge
Tech knowledge is necessary. No matter how much you run away from technology, it is important to have basic knowledge of the internet.

customer review
We cannot find out about the product by reading the reviews because many companies also buy fake reviews. Most people do not even write reviews, just give ratings.

Delivery time
Even if the delivery is done at our home, it takes at least 3-4 days and if international shipping is done then it takes a month too. This is the biggest disadvantage of e-commerce.

Despite so much security, it is difficult to trust because we hear news of online fraud every day.

Let us further understand what are e-commerce types and how to take advantage of them.

E-commerce types

  • E-commerce business models in Hindi
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)
  • Government to Business (G2B)
  • Business to Government (B2G)

These are all different business models of e-commerce, from which we get to know how we can take advantage of e-commerce and not only shopping but can also run our livelihood through them.

Let us understand all these types in simple language. E-commerce types-

Business to Business (B2B)
When two or more merchants do online business together, it is called B2B. Two merchants exchange raw material, packaging, software etc. among themselves.

Business to Consumer (B2C)
This e-commerce type is the most used. When we buy goods from an online corporation, it is called B2C.

Like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
When two consumers do online transactions among themselves. They keep their rates, they have their conditions.

Like Olx, eBay, Quickr etc.

Consumer to Business (C2B)
In this e-commerce type, the customer provides services to others. Like freelancing, YouTubers, blogger etc. This type is growing a lot at the moment and it has a good future in India.

Government to Business (G2B)
It is a transaction between the government and private companies in which the government provides services like legal procedure and document renewal to the companies without any hassle.

The main reason for this is to support businesses and improve the economy.

Business to Government (B2G)
Private companies give their services to the government like Tata, Indian Oil etc.

Now understand how to make money through e-commerce.

Make money through e-commerce?

Till now we have known what is e-commerce and the advantages of e-commerce business. Now we will read Make money through e-commerce? These are the ways-

  • Dropshipping
  • crowdfunding
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • physical products
  • Digital Products
  • Dropshipping
  • Dropshipping means taking more goods cheaply from the shopkeeper and selling them in less quantity to the customer at a higher price. All this process is online and shopkeepers and customers are also online.
  •  crowdfunding
    Crowdfunding is the gathering of a lot of money by asking people for a small amount of money.

This is important for startups. Think of it as a donation, just not for charity but it is useful in business.

Retail means when the goods reach us directly from the merchant. This is normal shopping.

In Wholesale, many items are sold at a low price. Most of the shopkeepers buy goods from wholesale only and people benefit a lot from this.

physical products
These are all products that can be felt by physical touch. We can order this through online shopping.

Digital products
We cannot touch digital products, but they also cost money. For example, ebooks, video courses, digital graphics, songs etc. This is a very good way to earn money from E-commerce.

E-commerce platforms – e-commerce websites

There are two types of platforms for e-commerce-storefront
1. some websites help you to create an online store. It provides tools, features etc. which are called online storefronts. like-

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Instamojo
  • salesforce

With the help of these e-commerce platforms, you can create a great store.

2. some websites help you to sell goods online, for this you do not need to create an online store and there is no hassle of marketing.

You can sell just by creating an account. These are online marketplaces. like-

With the help of e-commerce platforms, you can sell your goods to people online and bring growth in business.


Friends, what is e-commerce, the advantage and disadvantage of e-commerce, how to make money through an e-commerce website in 2022.

E-commerce will spread a lot in India in future. Where small businesses are connecting themselves to online shopping. In such a situation, many jobs and businesses are being generated, so people should take full advantage of it.

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